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Wooden Furniture: 4 risks and how to avoid them

Choosing the right furniture, furnishings and decorations to give your home that special touch requires time and passion.
It involves selecting from a vast range of options to suit your taste and fit in perfectly with your existing interior decor, whether from your favourite shop or your interior design professional.

For this reason, and especially in the case of wood products, there is the risk, with the passing of time and after so much use, of these objects getting damaged or their uniqueness compromised.

Getting to know the enemies of wood, from the occasional accident to the everyday hazards, will help you avoid the unnecessary risks with just a little TLC.
With this in mind, we have listed "4 enemies of wood" and their solutions to help you keep your favourite objects and wooden furniture in tip top condition.

1.Weather and climate

The first factor, a completely normal but potentially fearsome foe, is definitely the changing seasons and the temperature fluctuations throughout the year.
To mitigate these factors, all that is required is a little routine care and maintenance.
The first step, especially for garden furniture, is to keep your wooden furniture away from sources of moisture and excessive heat or cold temperatures, in a relatively dust-free place.
A quick daily clean is therefore a must with a cotton cloth or dry sponge. This habit will allow you to keep each surface in perfect condition and eliminates any risk to the wood.

2.Mould and pests

A more thorough clean is required in early spring, especially for garden products, to remove any mould or parasites.
Naturally, a host of everyday substances can take the sheen off your surfaces.
From hot soapy water to specialist oils, it is important to know the type of wood in order to apply the right treatment to your furniture.

In general, we advise you to use warm soapy water with a mild soap, or alternatively, a special detergent for wood products. Use a damp cloth to rub the entire surface over carefully. After drying the surface in the sun, you can apply a protective product that is specially designed for use on the type of wood in question.

3.Dirt and stains

Pircher products are resistant to dirt and come with a quality guarantee to avoid the problems often encountered with other products.

For example, Tartaruga productsmade out of autoclave-impregnated pine, are protected from the elements and from fungus and insects, ensuring total protection 365 days a year.

Alpine larch, used to manufacture all Bioline products, is rich in precious Venetian turpentine: an acidic resin which gives the wood a particular longevity, so that you don’t need to apply additional coatings to protect your wood products against the changing seasons.
Naturally, little everyday "events" can blemish any perfect surface, meaning you risk having to put a lot of time and effort into removing a stain. For this reason, we recommend that you wipe stains immediately, using warm soapy water with a mild soap.

4.Slight imperfections

For scratches, we recommend that you dampen the scratched surface with a slightly wet cloth.
After a few minutes, use a slightly less moist sponge to wipe the area concerned.

After drying the surface in the sun, you can apply a protective product that is specially designed for use on the type of wood in question.

These tips are designed to help you carry out routine maintenance yourself, however, in case of bumps or more serious breaks, don't panic.
If you have no experience or are attempting this for first time, you can get great help and targeted specialist advice for any type of problem from the Pircher Rolo and Villabassa stores, or from one of our authorised dealers.

By following our advice at Pircher, you will be able to minimise the risks and keep your wood in tip top shape for every occasion, environment and time.

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